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Commercial Roof Top

Proctor & Gamble, Oxnard, 1.2MW
Family Dollar, Farmersville, 64kW
Family Dollar, Littlerock, 82kW
Target, Elk Grove, 124.8kW
Target, Morgan Hill, 107.8kW
Target, San Mateo, 135.4kW
Target, Fresno, 724kW
Target, SLO, 484kW
Target, Paso Robles, 468kW
Target, Redwood City, 381kW
Kohl’s, San Gabriel, 425kW
SoCal Gas, Anaheim, 258kW
PetCo, San Diego, 896kW
Cove Elementary, Madera, 87kW
Hall Middle School, Larkspur, 105kW
Neil Cummins, Madera, 130kW
Walgreens, (34) locations, 1.47MW
Cinemark’s, (5) locations, 1.4MW
HAAS Automation, Oxnard, 961kW
Deardorff, Oxnard CA, 425kW
ICO SCE, Hesperia, 1.7 MW
N&S Tractor, Merced, 91kW
Family Pet Hospital, Fresno, 54kW
Best Western, Lemoore, 242kW
Red Roof Inn, Ontario, 78kW
Coast LA, Los Angeles, 1.06MW
Parreria Almonds, Los Banos, 124kW
Netafim, Fresno, 680kW
Hampton Inn and Suites, Santa Monica, 44kW
Cinemark, Carson, 212kW
Cinemark, La Quinta, 212kW
Cinemark, Downey, 218kW
Cinemark, Chico, 305kW
Cinemark, Lancaster, 487kW
Cinemark, Fremont, 317kW
Cinemark, Milpitas, 270kW
Cinemark, Oxnard, 171kW
Coast LA, LA, 1.06MW
Netafim, Fresno, 680kW
Parreria Almond, Los Banos, 124kW
City Centre Plaza, Redwood City, 76kW
Pacifica, San Marcos, 264kW
FedEx, Oceanside, 1.05MW
FedEx Rialto, Bloomington, 648kW
Wallgreens, Menifee, 51kW
Wallgreens, Fullerton, 51kW
Citrus, San Diego, 622kW
Heritage, Riverside, 330kW
Kilory – High Bluff, San Diego, 636kW
Sanger Community Chruch, Sanger, 24.75kW
Fresno Housing – City View, Fresno, 35.1kW
Fresno Housing – Mendota Farms, Mendota, 85.5kW
Fresno Housing – Pacific Gardens, Fresno, 60.03kW
Fresno Housing – Orchard Apartments, Parlier, 58kW
Mikes Mini Storage, Madera, 20.7kW
Chase Bank, Santa Rosa, 58.9kW
Chase Bank, Santa Clara, 46.86kW
Chase Bank, Saratoga, 46.86kW
Chase Bank Upland, Upland, 44.02kW
Chase Bank, Encino, 86.62kW
Chase Bank Fairfax, LA, 53.2kW
Chase Bank Northridge, 31.95kW
Caruthers Fair, Caruthers, 68kW
Costco, Santa Maria, 645.84kW
Oakland Charter, 24.14kW
Sturdy Safe, Fresno, 50.4kW
Budget Inn, Fairfield, 109.5kW
Emerson Apartment, Clovis, 109.72kW
Planada, Le Grand, 323kW
Presort Center, Dinuba, 149.6kW
Camarena Health (Roof and carport), Fresno, 432.28kW
Myers Shop, Porterville, 36.3kW
Myers Womens Club, Porterville, 37.74kW
Mya Cinemas 12, Delano, 255kW
Amazon, Redlands, 2.79MW
Amazon, San Bernardino, 2.86MW
Amazon, Riverside, 3.13MW
Leammle Theater, Claremont, 108kW
Viking, Fontana, 232kW + 130kW Tesla battery
Hitache, San Jose, 342kW (3 roofs + 1 carport)

Ground Mounted (Fixed & Tracker)

Le Grand Elementary, Merced, 165kW
Roden Ranch, Lost Hills,124kW
RIO Fafms, King City, 1,079MW
King Golden, Macfarland, 670kW
Tera Nova, Helm, 1.1MW
Wreden Ranch, Hanford, 1.1MW
P&M Farms, Linden, 335kW
Waste Water Treatment Plant, Kerman, 487kW
Batth Farms, Caruthers, 550kW
Orange Center Elementary School, Fresno, 90kW
Lagorio Farms, Madera, 1.1MW
Sierra Vista Presbyterian Church, Oakhurst, 45kW
WWTP Kerman, Kerman, 487kW
Hester Orchard, Exeter 300kW
Raven Goshen, Tulare, 73kW
Superior Almond, Cantua Creek, 113kW
King Golden State Orchard, McFarland, 675kW
Terranova Ranch, Helm, 1.02MW
Waste Water Treatment, San Jaoquin, 101kW
Cloverdale Diary, Hanford, 875kW
Wrenden Ranch, Hanford, 1.2MW
Doreva Produce, Livingston, 216kW
Rio, King City 1.08MW
Lowell Mariam, 5 site project, 524kW
Hester Orchard, Exeter, 300kW
Raven Goshen, Visalia, 73kW
Roden Ranch, Lost Hills, 335kW
Paradise Ranch, Castaic, 528kW
Kochergen Farms, Huron, 1.1MW
Porto Bros, Kerman, 832kW
Growing Nuts, Chowchilla, 54.4kW
Agape, Kerman, 471.96kW
San Juan Ranch, Dos Palos, 798kW
Klamath Land and Cattle, Los Banos, 54.4kW
CA City, California City, 2.4MW
Sun Maid Dehydrator, Madera, 311kW
Sun Maid Bethel Meter, Kingsburg, 225.72kW
Sun Maid Selma, Selma, 602.6kW (ground and roof mount)

Solar Canopies / Carports

Oakley RV, Oakley, 1.7MW
Minarets HS, Madera, 479.7kW
North Fork Elementary School, North Fork, 228kW
Glendale High School, Glendale, 468kW
Roosevelt Middle School, Glendale, 285kW
Bear Valley Middle School, Wheatland, 280kW
Wheatland Elementary, Wheatland, 82kW
U.C. Davis, Tulare, 52kW
Minarets HS, O’Neals, 480kW
North Fork Elementary, North Fork, 228kW
Betabel, San Bautista, 427kW
San Juaquin Estates, Fresno, 308kW
Westgate, San Jose, 151kW
Public Works, San Joaquin, 79kW
Sunnyvale, Sunnyvale, 98kW
Myers Funeral Home, Porterville, 17kW
Wolf Lakes, Sanger, 140.76kW
United Health Center, Fresno, 299.49kW
La Mirada Elementary, Madrid San Ysidro, 110kW
Smythe Elementary, San Ysidro, 110kW
High Bluff, San Diego, 636.48kW
Evening Creek, San Diego, 471kW
Parks at Fig Garden, Fresno, 1.1MW
Fletcher Jones Motor Cars, Newport Beach, 1.15MW plus 250kW battery + storage

Battery Systems

Cinemark, Orange, 600 KWAC 3 battery Tesla system
Planada, Le Grand, Sungrow 250KW/548KWH system
Viking, Fontana, Tesla 130kW system
Fletcher Jones Motor Cars, Newport Beach, 250kW battery + storage
Multiple residential battery systems. Certified installers for Adara, Tesla, and Outback


We are proud to report we have installed solar on over 1,660 homes in California since 2003, and counting.