“Central California’s Top Solar Subcontractor”
– Solar Power World –

As one of the top-ranked B2B solar installation subcontractors in California, Kuykendall Solar installs both residential and commercial solar with the highest quality and standards, completes projects on time, is competitively priced, and has clear and open communication throughout the entire process.


Your choice of a solar subcontractor is critical to your success. It can impact your reputation and your profit. At Kuykendall Solar, we understand that your business relies on your subcontractors to deliver the highest quality installations, and to professionally represent your company to your customer.

Alliance Partner

In our rapidly growing solar industry, we understand your need for a quality installation partner, and we can meet that need efficiently and at a competitive price without sacrificing quality.

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Your choice of a solar subcontractor is critical to your success. It can impact your reputation and your profit. At Kuykendall Solar, we understand that and are here to help.

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With over 90MW worth of solar installation experience, you can trust that Kuykendall Solar has the tools necessary to complete your projects efficiently and effectively.

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Below are some of the contractors who currently partner with Kuykendall Solar:

Vezina Industries
Solar Maintenance Pros Revel Energy Bright Future Solar Bryan Construction Enter Solar SD Renewable Energy
  • Revel Energy
  • Bright Future Solar
  • Bryan Construction
  • li>Enter Solar
  • SD Renewable Energy

“We always get a quality installation from Kuykendall Solar. Working with a company that knows the Solar Industry inside and out gives us the confidence that the customer will be more than satisfied with their system’s performance.”


Todd Bauer, Owner, Valley Solar Solutions

Solar contractors hire us because we’re committed to completing their projects on time and under budget.

We value relationship-based business to business alliances, and believe that every strong partnership is built on a foundation of strong communication.

Our solar installation process has been perfected over the last two decades by having highly skilled project managers and great relationships with our crews. We have the best OSHA safety ratings possible, with zero accidents and zero injuries.

With over 80MW of solar installed since 2003, Solar Power World has ranked Kuykendall Solar number 78 in the United States, number 25 in California for solar installers, and number 8 in California for solar electrical subcontractors.

We holds B, C-10, and C-46 licenses.

You can trust us to:

  • Maintain an overall lower cost than our rivals
  • Rise above our competitors on quality of installation
  • Live up to our strong reputation of efficiency and thoroughness
  • Maintain a safe and professional worksite
  • Treat your customers as if they were our own

“I have worked with Kuykendall for over a year and have nothing but the highest regard for his capabilities as an electrician, builder, and his abilities to successfully manage commercial solar photovoltaic installations.”


Travis Somers, General Superintendent of SPG Solar, Inc.


Even inspectors respect and recommend Kuykendall Solar …

“I was very impressed with the quality and workmanship of Kuykendall Solar and the crews on site at every job I had the pleasure of inspecting. Their inspections were always seamless and installations far above code. Kuykendall Solar has never missed or failed an inspection, and always completed projects earlier than anticipated. I highly recommend using Kuykendall Solar as your commercial solar installer. Everyone that has worked with them has come away happy with the quality of the install and has enjoyed working with their crews.”


Sirath Patzer, Inspector of Record, OSHPD/DSA/Combination Inspector

You can trust us to deliver high quality

installations on time and within budget.

No added stress. No hidden surprises.

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