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Your choice of a solar subcontractor is critical to your success. It can impact your reputation and your profit. At Kuykendall Solar, we understand that your business relies on your subcontractors to deliver the highest quality installations, and to professionally represent your company to your customer.


As one of the top-ranked solar subcontractors in California, Kuykendall Solar installs residential solar with the highest quality and standards, completes projects on time, is competitively priced, and has clear and open communication throughout the entire process.

By outsourcing your residential solar installation projects to us, you can focus more of your time and attention on selling solar, knowing that your customers are in the best of hands.

We have continually exceeded our contractor’s expectations which has lead to us being ranked number 76 in the United States, number 24 in California for solar installers, and number 3 in California for solar electrical subcontractors.

“Kuykendall Solar made being green as easy as flipping a switch. It was obvious to us from the initial consultation that they were a professional and very experienced company. The installation was flawless. ”


Kris Rice

Let us help you solve your energy storage needs.

Battery Install Service

We are certified to install Adara and Outback battery systems. See the homes we have installed on below.

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“I was very impressed with the quality and workmanship of Kuykendall Solar and the crews on site at every job I had the pleasure of inspecting. Their inspections were always seamless and installations far above code. Kuykendall Solar has never missed or failed an inspection, and always completed projects earlier than anticipated. I highly recommend using Kuykendall Solar as your commercial solar installer. Everyone that has worked with them has come away happy with the quality of the install and has enjoyed working with their crews.”


Sirath Patzer, Inspector of Record, OSHPD/DSA/Combination Inspector

This is the kind of solar project experience you deserve.

Hire Kuykendall Solar and we’ll deliver the same high-quality customer service you provide your customers.

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We’ve installed over 90 MW of solar since 2003, so you can trust our extensive experience to complete your residential solar installations. Solar Contractors throughout the U.S. agree – Kuykendall Solar is the best choice to install your solar projects.

Call Kuykendall Solar at 559.658.2525 and put the best commercial solar installation company in California to work for you today.

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