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You can count on us to complete your solar installation on time and under budget. We can make that commitment because we’ve perfected our solar installation process during the nearly two decades that we’ve been serving solar customers in California.

Our offices are strategically located in the Fresno area to efficiently serve the entire Central Valley.

The contractors that rely on us trust that their job site will be a safe one.

The contractors that rely on us trust that their job site will be a safe one. All of our employees are required to complete OSHA safety classes, as well as First Aid and CPR training, and we have the best OSHA safety ratings possible.
Your job will have a site specific safety plan outlined prior to job start and located on site throughout construction, and our Job superintendents will conduct safety meetings at the beginning of each work week.

Meet the Founder

Liz Obernolte


Liz has a passion for philanthropy, believes in leaving the world a better place than we found it, and in actively working to reduce our carbon footprint. Liz is the founder of KS Electric Corporation. She wrote the business plan while receiving her MBA, currently oversees all operations of the company and is a graduate-level guest lecturer on business strategy at California State University Fresno. Additionally, she serves as an elected board member for the Fresno Boys and Girls Club, is an active volunteer both at home and around the world and she has received numerous awards for her community service.

Bachelor’s in Nonprofit Administration, Master’s in Business Administration, PhD candidate in Business Administration

KS Electric Gives Back


  • KS Electric is proud to install solar all over California and as a valley based company, is proud re-invest back into the valley! As of February 2016, KS Electric sponsors renewable energy college scholarships through the Clean Energy Cluster!
  • We strongly believe in ensuring that the next generation values renewable energy. This is why KS Electric participates regularly in community events, such as taking solar panels and inverters to local elementary schools. We also volunteer at Girl Scout meetings giving presentations about how solar works and the importance of clean energy. Also, Liz Obernolte is a guest lecturer of business strategy in the energy field at the Craig School of Business at California State University.
  • Solar power saves lives in third-world countries and KS Electric is ecstatic to be able to contribute! In partnership with Karimu International Help Foundation, KS Electric committed to installing solar in Tanzania, Africa in the summer of 2017 as part of our commitment to help nonprofits. Without working power in Tanzania, many women still lose their lives in childbirth, and school is cancelled when there is not enough light to read. We provided all of the materials and labor to bring power to the maternity ward and four of the schools in the town of Dareta Kati, Tanzania.
  • In 2019, KS Electric will give by sponsoring a “KS Electric Cares Day”! KS Electric employees from all over CA will come together here in the Central Valley to partner with Habitat for Humanities and their senior paint program! “We are all so lucky – and have so much more than so many. I would like to stop and appreciate that for a day, and to give back a little bit to those with fewer opportunities than we have.  I envision us doing something different each year – but always taking a day/year to leave the world a little better than we found it” – Liz Obernolte

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KS Electric began with a simple mission to reduce our global carbon footprint while creating local jobs. We’ve since become one of the top-rated solar companies in California and we would be honored to help you grow your solar business.