Good News!We’ve Opened Our Partnership Program for Q2 2020!

Our Alliance Partnership Program in 2019

  • Average Monthly Revenue$45kAverage monthly revenue for our partners
  • Top Partner in 2018$3.5mwas made by our top partner in 2019

Solar is one of the fastest growing trades among contractors in the Central Valley. While a number of contractors have decided to open a solar business, few are successful because they lack the industry knowledge base, materials, training, and investment.


Established in 2010, Kuykendall’s Alliance Partnership Program (APP) allows contractors to sell solar to your clients with the confidence it will be installed by Kuykendall Solar, a top-three solar subcontractor in California, based in the Central Valley.

We give you our flat installation cost and you decide what to sell the system for. We design, permit, install and warranty the project, and you make the profit…it’s that simple.

With over 10+ years of experience, we’ve installed 90MWs and over 1,400 residential, commercial, industrial, and ag-based solar projects throughout the valley, so selling your clients on our experience is the easy part. The hard part for us is finding the right partners to work with.

The last time we opened the APP for new partners we had many apply, but only a few were chosen. Those few partners brought in so many solar projects that we were at capacity for all of 2019. So, we’ve recently invested in our internal capacities to enable us to take on even more projects in 2020!

It’s important to us that we work with the right partners because we invest a lot of time training your staff, generating customized solar marketing materials, and other related tasks to ensure your success.

We’re accepting applications for our Partnership Program throughout Q2 of 2020. So if you feel like your company would be a great fit, please call us (559-697-6824) or fill out the application below and we’ll be in touch shortly.